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Green-Schools is a long-term environment education and awareness programme where schools, including the wider school population, contribute to the sustainable development of the County for both current and future generations.

Schools undertake various activities on each of the following themes: Litter and Waste, Energy Conservation, Water Conservation, Transport and Healthy Living and are awarded the Green Flag Award (which needs to be renewed every two years) once they have successfully completed An Taisce’s 7 Step programme.

Todate, 68 Laois schools (out of 79) have achieved this prestigious award.

If you wish to find out more about this programme or you want to book our Environment Awareness Officer, Ann-Marie Kelly, to visit your school please telephone 057 867 4331 or email to arrange this.


Green School Flag - Arles

Arles, Green Flag School

Details of this 7 Step Programme are given below:

  • Step 1: Green Schools Committee
    This directs the school’s involvement in the project. Ideally, the committee includes pupils, teachers, non-teaching staff, management and parents.
  • Step 2: Environmental Review
    A process of examining the schools environmental impacts in order to identify targets for action and improvement.
  • Step 3: Action Plan
    This gives specific and achievable targets with proposed completion dates that will show real success.
  • Step 4: Monitoring & Evaluation
    This will ensure that progress towards targets is checked, amendments made when necessary and success celebrated.
  • Step 5: Curriculum Work
    Curriculum materials are provided and ideas on how to integrate environmental issues into lessons.
  • Step 6: Informing & Involving
    A publicity programme keeps the school and wider community involved and informed through displays, assemblies and press coverage. A Day of Action involves the whole school and wider community in meeting your targets.
  • Step 7:  Establishing a Green Code
    This is a statement of the schools commitment to environmental good habits.

2010/2011 Application Deadlines & Application Procedure:
Once a school has worked on above programme for a certain period of time (generally minimum of one academic year), there are various opportunities to apply for the Green Flag Award. Once a school is ready to apply for their Green Flag award, they should prepare their application by answering the following 16 questions: Green Schools Assessment Questions .

If it is a school’s first time to apply for their Green Flag Award, they should send their application directly to An Taisce.

If the school is renewing their award, they should notify An Taisce as soon as possible of their intention to renew their award BUT send their application directly to Ann-Marie Kelly, EAO, Laois County Council (

In both cases, an assessor will visit the school (at a prearranged time) to conduct an assessment visit with the Green Schools committee and observe the Green Schools programme operating at first hand.  Once this has been completed, the assessor will provide An Taisce with a written report which should complement the school’s original application.

Visit our Green Schools Resources section and download some useful resources which will help your school receive their Green Flag award.