Apply for a Council Mortgage (Annuity Loan)

We will consider applications for loans to persons proposing to acquire or construct a house to be used for their own occupation.

Amount of Loan

The maximum sum which may be advanced shall not exceed €220,000 or 90%  of the value of the house exclusive of the amount of any grant under any enactment, whichever is less.

Before applying for a Council Loan

Before a person approaching the Council about a loan you must first of all apply to two Financial Institutions (We  will not consider any person for a loan unless they have been refused a loan by two Financial Institutions and have produced documentary evidence to this effect). Further conditions apply , please contact Theresa at 057 8664110 for details.

Housing Loan Application Form 2015

Mortgage Allowance Scheme

An allowance may be payable to purchasers surrendering a house rented from a Local Authority or a Voluntary Housing body. This allowance reduces mortgage repayments.

For the first 5 years of the loan as follows:

  • €3,555 in the first year,
  • €2,793 in the second,
  • €2,032 in the third year,
  • €1,778 in the fourth year and
  • €1,270 in the fifth year.